Saturday, 18 October 2014

Free Maths Websites Suitable for Homework

The interest in maths websites which allow teachers to 'assign' a game or topic to be completed as homework or in class has grown considerably in the past year or two.  

The purpose of this post is to name some maths websites where teachers can 'add their class' and monitor their students progress as they play fun, free, educational games! 

  • Prodigy Games A GUARANTEED hit with the class! This is a fantastic maths website where the children can play mathematical games against their classmates and other pupils around the globe.  FREE and very simple for teachers to use and generate a class. Teachers can assign homework tasks based on different areas of the curriculum and decide on the number of questions. Give it a go! 
  • Khan Academy  Another fantastic free resource. This is slightly different to other maths websites such as prodigy maths (above), mangahigh, mathletics etc.  Children are assigned a mission to complete with a variety of maths problems and questions to complete.  The beauty of this website is that there are online videos which the children can watch to help them solve a problem if they get stuck.  The children can also work at their own pace, therefore catering for differentiation needs within the classroom.  A detailed break down of the children's success rates is available to the teacher, as well as the amount of time the child spends online and the areas in which they are struggling.  
  • This is fantastic as it allows the teacher  an opportunity to pinpoint an area the child is having difficulty with and the chance to work on this.  This website is a little more fiddley to navigate and set up the class. However, bare with it! It is a wonderful tool when put in place.  

Why not give a some or all of these a go! I will keep the list updated as I make more discoveries.  Feel free to comment with others you may have found, or indeed your experience of the following examples.


Blog Update

I have been off the radar with my blog in recent months, but alas, I have returned from my hibernation! :P 

I received a few emails asking where photos of my previous displays have disappeared to! 
Let me explain! 

Unfortunately, I had to remove previous posts and photos as I have now moved to new teaching position in a new school. 

However, if there were any posts/displays which you were interested in, feel free to give me an email or comment and I will gladly share any details with you! 
In the meantime watch out for new displays coming soon.  Also, I often post on my class twitter account 

In terms of the blog itself, this year I'm going to be taking a slightly different approach.   While I will still post classroom displays, I hope to also broaden the nature of the blog to demonstrate my use of active, discovery learning within my daily teaching practice. 

Finally, I hope to give readers some insight into some of the work I am currently undertaking as part  the Masters in Education and Training Management  (e-learning strand) in Dublin City University.  
This year as part of my final year thesis I hope to conduct some work in the area of mathematics and inquiry based learning.  This is an active, discovery based approach to teaching mathematics which I will be blogging about in the distant future. As I go through my journey, I hope that it may give teachers (particularly senior teachers) some ideas for their maths lessons.  

Watch this space! 
Enjoy the final week of Term 1 (where has the time gone!)  and Happy Halloween!