Monday, 30 January 2017

Chinese New Year Art

The 28th of January marked Chinese New Year. 

To change things up from the standard Chinese Lantern we decided to create some animals based on the story of the Chinese Zodiac. 
We also looked at the story of Chinese New Year and which animal represented our birth year. 

We used a variety of materials including cardboard, egg cartons, ribbons, paint, glitter and coloured card to create our animals! You name it we used it! 
The presses were well and truly raided! 

Most of the children opted for the dragon! 
But we had a few roosters, rats and snakes! 

One group created a bigger dragon!

This lesson falls under the Construction Strand. 
Its a nice lesson which allows the children to get creative and imaginative.

Here are some pictures of the created pieces and the work process! 
They might inspire your art this week!