Friday, 15 September 2017

Dojo Monster Door Art

Our class are big fans of Class Dojo

So for our door display this year we decided to create Dojo inspired monsters! 

Strand: Drawing
Strand Unit: Making Drawings

First we designed our monsters! 
I asked the children to create monsters which in someway represented themselves. 

Then we coloured them in using markers and cut them out.  

I then put backing paper on our door and displayed them. 
Simple, effective and very easy! 

Here is our final door display! 

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Lego Self-Portrait Art

Heres something simple and different from the typical start of year self-portraits - 
Lego Self-Portraits! 
They are fun, bright and most importantly very easy to do!

Strand: Paint & Colour
Strand Unit: Painting

Here's how we did it.
Step 1: Draw your lego portrait.

Step 2: Use your choice of colour - markers, paints or crayons. 

Step 3: Create your background!

Step 4: Display!