Wednesday, 11 February 2015

3D Cubist Foil Art

I swear this is a display that has gotten so many compliments!
If you're looking for a show stopper... this is it AND it's so easy!

All you need are cardboard boxes (thick ones - not the cereal box card as this is too thin).  I used the wrapping I got from book depository orders.  This was the ideal thickness.  Alternatively you could use foam sheets from an art and craft shop.

Prior to beginning the lesson I had a "looking and responding" session examining some Cubist art pieces, particularly those by Picasso.  We focussed on the three dimensional nature of the art and the use of strong bold lines.   We discussed reactions to the art, what the children liked and disliked.
This was also a good way to help kick start the children's thinking about what they would like to create for their piece of art.

The children began with a rectangular piece of base cardboard.
They then start cutting out pieces of card and sticking them down to their base to 'build up' their picture, creating a 3D effect.
The more the picture is 'built up', the greater the effect.

After completing the picture, cover the whole thing with PVA glue.  Cover with a piece of tin foil, shiny side up.

To add a rustic effect add some black paint in places and rub it in using some wire scrubs (the ones you use for the sink work great!)

Some fabulous artwork for all to admire! :)

Let me know how you get on!


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