Sunday, 24 April 2016

Foil Embossing Art Lesson

I've had so many questions about the foil embossing lesson over on my twitter page.
 I said it'd probably be easier to write a blog post rather than keep repeating myself! 

This art went down a STORM both online and in school! 
It worked excellently with sixth class, but I can't see why it wouldn't be possible with a crafty fifth! 
It's simple and looks great! 

Step one: 
Get some old cardboard boxes.  Cut out the main panels.

Step 2: 
Draw out a pattern or picture of your choice with pencil.

Step 3: 
Using PVA glue paste down the wool on top of your pattern. (Don't be afraid to use lots of glue!)
Leave this to dry overnight.

Step 4: 
Cut out a large piece of tin foil slightly larger than the piece of card you've been working on.
Loosely place it down on top of the card. Press it down into the corners.

Step 5: 
Colour with markers! (Sharpies work best!)

A beautiful piece of art for all to admire! 

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  1. Definitely using this idea Von, well done they turned out amazing!