Monday, 27 February 2017

Reach for the Stars! - Door Display

Set the tone for the classroom right at the front door with this 
'Reaching for the Stars' art display! 

Here is one of the very first door art displays I did this year.  
We personalised the entrance to our classroom by creating kites and arms.  

The children created the kites using a selection of coloured cards, pritt stick and ribbon.  I purchased some pretty coloured ribbon for about a €1 a roll from Tiger! 
For the kites you are best choosing an A4 piece of base coloured card.  

1. Draw a diamond shape and cut it out. 

2.  Children may decide to draw and colour their own designs or cut out some additional shapes from other pieces of coloured card.  I left this option very open for the children to interpret themselves.

3. When finished designing cut out 4 strips which will become your 'criss cross' for the kite. 

4. Attach ribbon at back using sellotape. (Some children created bows using the card as an addition)

For the arms, the children traced around their own hands. 
They then personalised it with their own tattoos or henna designs. 
We then backed these onto coloured card. 

Both lessons could be used in two consecutive weeks 
or separately depending on which you prefer! 

This lesson falls both into the Drawing and Construction Strands of the Art Curriculum. 
It could also be linked with Shape & Space in Maths 
and Self - Identity in SPHE. 

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