Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Self-Portrait Door Display

This is a door display which can be used all year round. 
It personalises your classroom and links with many themes including Self-Identity in SPHE and the Drawing strand in Art. 

We have all done self-portraits to death! 
However, this art lesson also incorporates digital photography and makes it a little more interesting and fun for the class. 

Simply print out a picture of each of the children and get them to cut it in half. 
(I recommended drawing a very light line in pencil first for a guide)

Then stick to a plain piece of white paper.
Draw and colour your other half! 
Cut any excess and back onto black card! 

If not for your door, I'm sure they will also make a lovely board display! 

Curricular Links

Art: Drawing & Paint/Colour
SPHE: Self-Identity

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